Waistcoats are Back on Trend and This is How You Need to Style Them

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From the latest Paris Fashion Week men’s catwalk to the sidelines of all England’s world cup matches, waistcoats are back and they’re quickly becoming a trend that men just can’t get enough of.

We’re pretty confident that the days of the blazer are not over but we’re seeing waistcoats being worn in new ways and we have to say, we’re excited to see where this new style is going to take us.

Whether you’ve been inspired by Gareth Southgate’s understated smart style or you fancy trying your hand at some of the high fashion looks GQ shared in their round-up of the hottest trends from Paris’ SS19 show, we’re going to be sharing with you some top styling tips when it comes to waistcoats.

Wear Your Waistcoat Instead of a Jacket

As much as we love a full three-piece suit, we’re also loving the new look of wearing a waistcoat instead of a blazer; It’s still smart but it’s a little more understated and it really is the ideal style for summer.

A matching waistcoat and trousers with a complimenting shirt and tie is an effortlessly dapper look and one that can be sported for all kinds of occasions, so while the weather is warm, leave the jacket at home and sport the waistcoat alone.

Coordinate with the Rest of Your Outfit

England football team’s manager has hit the fashion headlines for seamlessly integrating a waistcoat into his wardrobe, perfectly coordinating his waistcoat of choice with the rest of his look, usually following a blue colour scheme to his outfits and this is one of our favourite ways to wear a waistcoat.

You want your outfit to look laid back and suave when you sport a waistcoat and having your whole look perfectly coordinated is the best way to give the impression that you’ve really got it together when it comes to your wardrobe.

A pair of navy trousers and matching navy waistcoat paired with a lighter blue shirt and navy tie is a cool and coordinated outfit for every event.

Make Your Waistcoat a Complete Contrast

On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold and you want your waistcoat to be the star of the show, choosing one that contrasts and stands out from the rest of your look is a great way to make sure it gets seen.

We’ve got a range of men’s waistcoats here at Slater Menswear in a whole selection of colours and fabrics, so as much as we’ve got one to match your look, we’ve also got one that will fashionably contrast it, so if you want to be brave and pick a waistcoat that makes a statement, we can help.

Try a blazer and waistcoat combo in contrasting colours for a stylish look that really stands out.

Feeling inspired to try your hand at styling a waistcoat? Whether you want a men’s tweed waistcoat for a casual occasion or a smarter men’s waistcoat for a wedding, we’ve got 10% off waistcoats online at Slater Menswear until midnight on the 11th July 2018, so head to the site now and shop the collection to get everything you need to work the look for yourself.

If you purchase your very own waistcoat and create a look you want to show off, share your pictures with us on Twitter or Instagram!


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