What Colours Should You Actually Be Wearing

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Surely black just suits everyone and no one can really pull off yellow? They’re the rules when it comes to the colour of clothes right? Wrong.

Did you know that your skin tone plays a big part in the colours of clothes that look best on you because it really does!

We think it’s fair to say that clothing colour spectrum is not something men give much thought to on a daily basis but wearing the ‘right’ colours for you could actually make you look even more dapper, so here are the shades you should be sporting for your skin tone.

The Right Colours for Pale/Fair Skinned Men

Bit of an English rose? More sunburn than suntan? If you’re a fair-skinned man then pale or pastel colours are a bit of a no go zone.

When you’ve got a light complexion, putting equally as light colours directly next to your skin is a real washout. It adds to how fair your skin tone is and makes you look even paler, so if you want to add more depth and darkness to your skin then darker colours are a better option.

Black might be slightly too much of a contrast but darker blues, greys and burgundies all look great with a fairer skin tone, as do deep browns and greens.

What to Wear with Olive Toned/Slightly Tanned Skin

First of all, you’re lucky. You’ve got the skin tone that is commonly thought to be the most versatile when it comes to what colours it looks good against.

Slightly more tanned, warm, olive-toned skin is common amongst people with European heritage opposed to those of us who are Brits through and through but whatever your genetic makeup, if you’re lucky enough to have this warm complexion then brights are your best friend.

You naturally get away with the bolder and brighter shades of staple colours, so when it comes to blues, pinks and neutrals, opt for the more statement shades with a brighter finish because they’ll really compliment you.

As for the shades that are a no go zone, as your skin is likely to have a yellow undertone, yellow and green clothing isn’t going to look the best, so for the most dapper look, we’d avoid those colours.

The Perfect Shades for Darker Skin Tones

If you’ve been blessed with a darker skin tone then you can pretty much go wild with your wardrobe because there’s not a lot that won’t work.

Apart from browns, there are not many shades that aren’t going to suit, so if you fancy a pale neutral or a bold bright, these colour palettes are all yours to work with.

A slightly grey area for your skin tone is the dark neutrals such as black and navy. They don’t wash you out or flatten your complexion in the same way that brown does but they’re also not going to do the most for you.

We understand that black and navy are pretty essential colours in your wardrobe, so a few basic bits and bobs are fine but when choosing suits, brighter shades of blue and burgundy are going to look far more striking with your skin tone.

It’s not a rule that you have to follow the colour recommendations for your skin tone but just a way of enhancing your outfits even further, so if you want to be as dapper as possible, why not give it a try?

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