What Shirt Matches Your Wedding Theme?

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There are so many things to think about when it comes to creating a believable and authentic wedding theme but today we’re turning our attention towards how to ensure your attire coordinates with your theme.

It’s not just the suit you choose that will reflect the colours, era or topics you’ve been inspired by for your big day but your shirt too and we’re going to be sharing with you everything you need to know about picking the right wedding shirt to match both your style and theme!

The Traditional Wedding

If you’re planning a classic big white wedding with all the traditional elements in place then you’re going to need the shirt to match. Old-school traditional weddings call for a classic formal shirt with a structured fit and statement collar.

The Victorian collar shirt is a classic choice if you want to stand out in traditional style. Usually available in a tailored fit for an even more formal look, the Victorian collar is the perfect fit for all kinds of tie styles, including the classic ruche tie which is a favourite for weddings.

Available in black and white at Slater Menswear, our Victorian collar shirts are long sleeved with double cuffs and are the ultimate addition to a morning suit.

The Hollywood Inspired Wedding

If you’re adding a touch of red carpet glitz and glamour to your big day, you need the perfect shirt to accompany your Hollywood inspired attire.

You’re probably going to opt for a classic evening suit like a tuxedo and if that’s the case, you need a wing collar shirt to match. The ultimate addition to any formal evening outfit, the wing collar shirt is often a tailored or slim fit, perfect for creating a streamlined shape but it’s the collar that does the talking with this style.

A wider, sharper shaped collar, the wing collar is designed for pairing with a bow tie, allowing your tie to be the centre of attention. We have a selection of wing-collared shirts from various brands and in a range of colours, so you can find the perfect one to match every suit.

The Modern Wedding

If you’re a dapper modern gent who’s hosting a wedding to match then you’re going to want a shirt that showcases your style perfectly.

Slim and skinny fit shirts are the ultimate partner to a tighter fitting suit, sitting perfectly together to create a slim and streamlined look. When it comes to the perfect collar for an effortlessly cool, modern groom, a spread collar is always a great choice.

A super wide collar that is versatile and ideal for a variety of different tie styles, we have a range of spread collar shirts in various different colours, so every modern groom can find the perfect shirt to match his suit.

Pairing a skinny tie with this shirt and suit combo will perfectly finish off your slim and formal look.

The Casual Wedding

Wanting your wedding to be a laid-back affair without too many formalities? We have the perfect shirt to work with casual wedding vibes.

Round collar shirts are one of the most relaxed shirt styles and are often worn buttoned up to the top and without a tie, making for a perfect smart casual look and ideal for sporting with or without a blazer down the aisle if you don’t want to look too dressed up.

We have a slim fit round collar white shirt available from ONESIX5IVE which is neutral, versatile and the perfect accompaniment to suits of any colour, paired alone with smart trousers or tucked into jeans for an even more laid-back look.

Men’s wedding shirts are a big market and it can be difficult to find one that matches your personal preferences and the style of attire you’ve chosen for the day, so if you want more advice on finding the right one, check out our perfect shirt guide!

No matter what shirt you choose for the big day, whether it matches your wedding theme or not, make sure you feel dapper in it because the most important part of your wedding is that you feel great in your attire!

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