What To Buy Your Bride As a Wedding Gift

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A modern tradition some couples embrace and others ignore – buying your soon to be husband or wife a gift to give to them on the wedding day.

If you are a groom that has been tasked with finding the perfect wedding gift for your bride then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Do you choose something sentimental? Do you buy something her and her bridal party can enjoy on the morning? Is this the time for a humorous gift?

Well, we’ve created a whole gift guide to help you pick the perfect present to put a smile on your bride’s face on the morning of your wedding!

Personalised Heart Pendant from Jewellery Box – From £96.00

Engraved jewellery is probably one of the most sentimental gifts you could give your bride and makes for something special she can keep for years to come.

This yellow gold heart pendant from Jewellery Box is available in a range of chain lengths and can be engraved with up to 15 characters, allowing you to share a personal message with your bride.

You could choose to engrave your names, the date you’re getting married or a short but sweet message.

These pendants come beautifully packaged in a brown box, tied with string, ready for you to simply leave for your bride to open when she’s getting ready.
A stunning and thoughtful gift for your bride to open on the big day but also a nice feature for your marital home once the big day is over, the
bespoke star maps from Posterhaste are a totally unique design for each individual.

Personalised Star Maps from Posterhaste – From £20.00

Whether you choose the day you met, your wedding date or another special occasion, these star maps will show the constellation in the night sky on that very date, which makes for a really breath-taking piece of artwork. 

Available in different print and poster sizes, as well as coming framed if you want it to, this truly is a super personal gift to buy your bride she’ll definitely enjoy.

 Hamper for the Ladies from Yumbles – £65.00

A nice gift if you want to treat both your bride and her bridal party on the morning of the wedding, this stunning ‘Hamper for the Ladies’ by Virginia Hayward, available from Yumbles, is packed full of treats for women that all the party can enjoy whilst getting ready. 

Delivered in a stunning wicker basket and packed with chocolate, popcorn, bubbly, flowers and more, this hamper contains everything the ladies could want whilst getting prepped to head down the aisle. 


Bespoke Balloons from Bubblegum Balloons

A trend that is really taking off is having eye-catching balloons in the background of your bridal pictures, so why not set up the perfect photo backdrop for your bride before she heads down the aisle by sending bespoke balloons to the location where she’s getting ready?

Bubblegum Balloons specialise in bespoke balloons and have a whole selection of balloons for the bridal suite, including ‘Mrs to Be’ balloons, bunches of balloons that read ‘it was always you’ and ‘happily ever after’, as well as having a range of other bubble and confetti balloons that can be personalised with names and messages.

Bridal gifts don’t have to be sentimental but if you’ve got a bride that is all about getting a good picture for Instagram, this is a pre-wedding gift she is bound to love.


Customised Converse from Wedding Converse

Whether she changes into them for your reception or saves them for casual days together, customised converse with her new married name on are a fun and thoughtful gift she can reuse time and time again.

Wedding Converse specialise in exactly what the name would suggest, customising genuine Converse trainers with gems, ribbon laces and handwritten names to make bespoke trainers for the big day and afterwards.

Pick a trainer colour, new laces, add her new Mrs name and more to create a totally unique pair of Converse for her to unbox on the morning of her big day!

So, whether you want to go super sentimental or something a little quirky and fun, there are options here to suit every bride and every budget a groom has to work with.

Have you got any great ideas for what to buy your bride? Share them with fellow grooms to be and tag us in your suggestions on Twitter – we’re @Slaters1973!




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