What to Wear to a Rugby Match

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We’re sure every rugby fan is more than aware that the Rugby League Super League Grand Final will be taking place at Old Trafford this Saturday, the 13th October and it’s set to be a night to remember with some incredible acts playing pre-game before Wigan Warriors and Warrington Wolves take to the pitch to battle it out for the title.

If you’ve already got your tickets to the rugby super league final, your next question is probably going to be, what do you wear to a rugby match? Well we’re here to help with that!

Every sporting event has its own individual style but today we’re going to be giving you some outfit inspiration for attending the rugby, so if you’ve got your seats secured at this weekend’s final, these are the looks you need to be sporting!

The Casual

If your general style is pretty laid back then you’ll be glad to know that going casual to a rugby match is totally acceptable. When it comes to dressing down for a rugby match, there’s one essential item of clothing you need to know about and that’s the polo shirt.

A staple style for gents at rugby matches, the polo shirt is the perfect alternative to a t-shirt to give your casual look a slightly smarter feel but still keep you feeling super comfortable. For styling your polo shirt, we’d suggest playing it cool with a pair of jeans, some comfortable trainers and as you can never rely on the British weather, we’d recommend adding a men’s waterproof jacket to your look too.

The Smart Casual

If you want to smarten up your look a little bit but don’t fancy going all out with any outfit that is too formal, a smart casual look is the way forward.

Probably one of the favourite looks for most rugby fans and a look Prince Harry often sports when he attends a rugby match, a casual blazer with open neck shirt and chino style trousers is a go-to smart casual look for all kinds of occasions, including sporting events.

This is the perfect look for when you want to feel you’ve dressed up for the occasion but you’re still comfortable. This is also an ideal outfit to sport to the pub or a bar after the match to celebrate or commiserate the result!

The Formal

Your third outfit option for a rugby match is to go all out with the formal dress code and sport a suit to the big event!

When it comes to high profile matches such as finals and world cups, a suit is sometimes required, so if you’re attending a rugby match that calls for you to be properly suited and booted either for the actual match or for events taking place before or after, then a navy suit with white shirt, pink or patterned tie and brogues is the look we’d recommend.

Navy and blue suits are versatile for all kinds of occasions and for the rugby, we’d even go as daring as adding in a check or tweed print to mix things up and help you stand out in the crowd.

When it comes to heading to the rugby, our top recommendation is to wear something that you feel comfortable in but is also weather appropriate because as we mentioned before, you don’t want the British weather to spoil your fun!

What’s your go-to outfit for the rugby? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.



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