What’s in my Man Bag?

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What's In My Man Bag

In recent years, we’ve seen the man bag gain a lot of popularity and actually become a super on-trend accessory for guys. However, these are still a relatively new addition to many men’s wardrobes, so the question is, what should we actually be carrying in them?

We couldn’t think of anyone better to chat man bags with than the ultra-cool and stylish Declyn Cooper, our Assistant Buyer here at Slater Menswear. We sat down with Declyn (and his bag) and asked him everything we wanted to know about his bag and what’s inside!

Question 1: Do You Bring a Bag to Work? If So, What Style and Why Do You Use That Style?

I do bring a bag to work! I personally opted for a modern briefcase/document case style bag because I like how professional and business-like this type of bag is. I work in men’s fashion and wear a suit to work every day, so this type of bag works much better with my overall look.

Question 2: What Are The Top 3 Items You Always Bring to Work With You and Why?

I’m very lucky to travel a lot with work but that means that one of my top 3 items has to be my passport! I also always have my laptop in my bag as I need it with me at all times and choosing a briefcase-style bag means it fits in perfectly. I also always carry a measuring tape, not essential for every man but a must-have for anyone working in fashion!

I travel to clothing factories across the world and nearly always need my tape measure at some point on my trip!

Question 3: If An Office Worker Was Looking for a New Work Bag, What Style Would You Recommend and Why?

Firstly, I would always recommend a leather bag for any man wanting a work bag. Not only are they more hard-wearing and generally longer-lasting, they have a much more professional look. There’s no denying that leather bags are often more expensive but they are definitely a worthwhile investment. As for style, I’m a big fan of the briefcase as I think they’re practical and smart-looking but if you’re on a long commute, I understand why a backpack may work better.

Leather backpacks still have a really formal look to them and usually plenty of space for a laptop. To ensure your backpack has a smart look, I’d stick to black or dark brown – Ted Baker do some lovely ones.

Question 4: Are There Any Fashion Essentials You Recommend a Man Keeps in His Work Bag?

If you wear a shirt to work but don’t often go all out with a suit and tie, I’d recommend keeping a tie in your bag. You never know when an impromptu meeting is going to crop up, so having a tie to hand is always a good idea.

Not a fashion accessory as such but important for your image nevertheless, a good pen is always a nice addition to your bag. Show you mean business in the office with a premium-looking pen.

Question 5: What Are The Grooming Must-Haves You Think a Man Needs to Keep With Him at All Times?

Every man needs aftershave with him at all times but if you travel a lot, make sure your bottle of choice is under 100ml! I’d also say mints or chewing gum as well as a brush or comb. With the help of these three items, you can quickly and easily spruce yourself up after a busy commute or hot day in the office.

Question 6: What Do You Think About the Rise in Trend of Man Bags?

Personally, I’ve been a fan for a while. I always remember an episode of FRIENDS where Joey got a ‘man bag’ and I’ve thought they were pretty cool ever since but they’re also super practical for work.

They have definitely become a more accepted accessory for men which I think is great, as it has enabled us gents to be more experimental with the bag styles we choose and they really have become as important as our outfits.

So, whatever industry you work in, hopefully, this has helped you to pick the perfect bag and pack it with everything you need!


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