Where to Spend and Where to Save When It Comes to Groomswear

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how to save on groomswear

Budgeting for your big day can be a tricky balance to get right. You want to put on the day of your dreams but you also don’t want to break the bank, so it can be difficult to know where to really invest and where to pull back.

When it comes to groomswear, we’re the experts here at Slater Menswear and today we’re going to be sharing with you our top tips for spending your money well when it comes to buying your attire for the special day.

Where to Spend


When it comes to deciding how you’re going to split your budget for groomswear up, a good portion of that should always be dedicated to the suit.

No matter how bold your shirt or statement your tie, the suit is the main event and therefore deserves the biggest investment.

Just because you choose to ‘spend’ opposed to ‘save’ on your suit, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of pounds on it, you should just allocate a fair amount of your set budget to the suit to make sure you get the best one in your price range.

Whether you’ve got £100 to spend or £300 to spend, we’ve got men’s wedding suits to fit within every budget, all of which are stylish, good quality and a perfect fit for men of all sizes.

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Although you want your wedding shoes to look good, they need to be comfortable too which is why we’d recommend allocating a decent portion of your budget to buying the right pair.

Similarly to your suit, your shoes are going to get plenty of attention as they’re a key feature of your overall outfit, as well as looking good, you need to be able to wear them all day long.

Ensuring you get a good pair of wedding shoes is key to making sure you enjoy your big day fully because there’s nothing worse than shoes that don’t fit properly. Be sure to select shoes that you’ll be happy sporting down the aisle and then on to the dance floor!

We’ve got wedding shoes to meet all price points, so just because we recommend dedicating enough of your groomswear budget to good shoes, that doesn’t mean you have to be spending hundreds.

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Where to Save


Although it’s important to pick a nice, comfortable and quality wedding shirt, this particular element of your outfit is hidden behind your suit and tie and therefore just needs to coordinate with the overall outfit, making it a perfect place to save some money.

Good quality shirts don’t have to break the bank when you shop at Slater Menswear thanks to our extensive range of brands which offer affordable shirts in all colours and fits to suit all men.

Whether you want traditional white shirts, modern coloured shirts or statement patterned shirts, you can find every type of men’s wedding shirt here and they won’t leave a big hole in your budget.

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Ties and Pocket Squares

Although an essential part of every grooms’ attire, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your tie and pocket square for them to look good, making them the ideal money saving item.

Although there’s some seriously dapper tie and pocket square sets available on the premium market, our range of wedding ties and handkerchiefs has the perfect pair of accessories to match any man’s attire.

No matter what colour scheme or theme you have for your wedding, we’ll have the tie and pocket square to suit you. Our prices for pocket squares start at £3.00 and are ties come as affordable as just £5.00, meaning you can be accessorised to perfection for under £10!


Many men will already have a collection of cufflinks they can choose from for their big day but if you’re purchasing new cufflinks for this special occasion, there’s no need to blow a lot of your budget on them. Bear in mind, cufflinks also make great groom or groomsmen gifts, they’re stylish and thoughtful and can be worn on the big day – just remember you will need a double cuff shirt for the occasion!

Although luxury cufflinks are a stunning addition to any smart outfit, if you’re trying to save money on your wedding attire when and where possible, spending a little less on your cufflinks is a great way to save money for the bigger items you’ll need to purchase.

The range of cufflinks at Slater Menswear has the perfect pair to match not just every suit but every gentleman too. Whatever your personality, favourite colour or top hobby, we’ve got cufflinks to suit you.

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If you’re torn between how to saving money and looking good on your wedding day, why not get the best of both worlds by sorting your groomswear at Slater Menswear?

Regardless of your budget for the big day, we  can confidently provide the perfect head to toe attire to make sure you look incredible on your wedding day.

Have you got any top tips for saving some pennies when planning your special day? Share them with us on Twitter or Instagram!



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