Which are the Best Swim Shorts for Your Holiday Destination?

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If you’re heading off to a hotter climate for a holiday this summer, you’ve probably got your case packed with swim shorts but have you got the perfect ones for your destination?

2018 has brought us our biggest and best range of men’s swim shorts ever here at Slater Menswear and as much as we want to pack every pair for every trip we’re going on this summer, we think some pairs fit with some popular holiday destinations more than others, so check out our guide to packing the perfect swim shorts for your holiday!


The Daily Star published the results of a survey ATOL conducted that revealed out of all the holiday destinations around the world, us Brits love Spain the most and we think its fair to say that a large portion of us will be heading to Ibiza at some point this summer!

Although Ibiza has some areas that are aimed towards families and couples wanting to relax, it’s also known as a bit of a party capital and when it comes to fashion, the bolder and brighter the better.

Your swimming shorts need to stand out if you’re heading to an Ibiza pool party, so we’d recommend either a simple but brightly coloured pair of our Jack & Jones swim shorts or if a statement print is more your scene, Tokyo Laundry have plenty of boldly designed swim shorts that are ideal for turning heads in Ibiza.


Ranked as the 6th most popular holiday destination for Brits in ATOL’s survey, Portugal is a super popular holiday destination for both lads holidays and family vacations alike, so you need a pair of swim shorts that are suitable for both.

Our top recommendation when it comes to Portugal ready swim shorts would have to be a neutral colour with a subtle pattern. The perfect middle ground between the wild and wacky designs you can sport in the likes of Ibiza and something a little more reserved, a swim short that sports a neutral colour with a trendy design is the ideal option for a holiday to this country.

Both Tokyo Laundry and Regatta have swim shorts that meet this brief perfectly and we’re proud to stock them both here at Slaters!


Less of a lads holiday destination and more of a relaxing weekend away with your partner, according to ATOL’s study, Italy is our 3rd favourite holiday destination!

A little more refined and mature than some of our other popular holiday destinations, every area in Italy has a slightly different feel to it, so we’ve picked you some swim shorts that are versatile and suitable no matter which part of Italy you’re visiting.

Our recommendation for Italy is to play it cool in a plain, neutral coloured pair of swim shorts. They’re easy to style, effortlessly cool and pretty suave if you ask us. Classic blues and simple navy are the best bets if you’re touring Italy this summer!


According to ATOL’s study, when it comes to once in a lifetime holidays, all us Brits have our eyes on the Caribbean, so if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying your dream holiday this year to the Caribbean, we’ve got the perfect swim shorts for you!

The Caribbean is known for being a fun and colourful place but also super luxurious and relaxing, so you need a pair of swimming shorts that fit in with both vibes. Our best buy when it comes to swimming shorts for Caribbean holidays would have to be plain but brightly coloured.

We’re talking pinks, yellows, oranges and all the other bold colours but leave your patterned shorts at home and let the block colours do the talking!

No matter where you’re jetting off to this summer, make sure you pick up plenty of pairs of swim shorts that you feel simply dapper in.

Have you got a favourite pair of swim shorts that get packed in the case trip after trip? Let us know what you think makes the perfect pair of men’s swim shorts on Twitter or Instagram!



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