Which Summer Hat Is Right For You?

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We all know that for our own safety, we need to wear a hat when the sun is out but so many men believe they simply do not suit hats and therefore, refuse to wear one but that doesn’t have to be the case!

There are plenty of summer hat styles out there to suit different men, it’s just finding the right one for you, so we’re going to be showing you all the options available and helping you decide which is right for your style and face shape!

The Baseball Cap

The classic hat for both men and women, ideal for summer and comfortable for whatever you’re doing with your day, you really can just throw on a baseball cap (or golf cap as the sportier styles are called) and just get out in the sun!

Baseball caps have a curved brim which is perfect for shading your eyes from the sun and as baseball caps are currently very on trend, we’ve got a brand new selection available in our range of summer hats for men at Slaters!

So, who are baseball caps best for? Well, we often think of this style as being quite youthful and it is definitely an accessory loved by the younger generation but all ages can work the look if they pick the right brand! As for the fit, most baseball caps have an adjustable back, so whether you consider yourself to have a ‘big head’ or not, a baseball cap will probably work for you.

They’re often not loved by men with rounder faces as they can emphasise your face shape as they sit so close to the head, so if you are conscious of having a circular face, you may want to try another style.

The Snapback Cap

Very similar to the classic baseball hat but a little more modern, the snapback cap exactly the same apart from the brim of the hat is totally flat, as opposed to being curved.

The practicality is still the same with the brim shading your eyes from the sun and the cap protecting the top of your head from heat but this style is associated with the skater community and they’re ideal if you like a laid back and modern look.

The Trilby Hat

Perhaps one for the more traditional gent, trilby hats date back decades but have recently come back in style and depending on the material, are perfect for summer weather.

‘Straw’ style trilby hats are lightweight and breathable, perfect for warm weather and the style having a brim the whole way round means not just your eyes but the back of your neck also gets a bit of added shade from the sun.

Trilby hats have a smart look to them, so they’re perfect for wearing in the evenings when the weather is still warm and you still need to wear a hat but want to look a little more formal.

Trilby hats are usually a one size fits all and there’s no room for adjustment, so they’re a style you really need to try on in person to ensure the fit is right, as if you know you sometimes struggle with hats fitting, this might not be right for you.

The Bucket Hat

A style that people often laugh at, thinking of the hats children tend to wear when they’re very young but bucket hats have actually become an on-trend and slightly edgy style for adults too and they’re actually very practical.

A bucket hat is similar to a trilby in the sense it has a brim the whole way round but the softer fabric of a bucket hat means the brim is often floppier and usually longer too, meaning better protection for your eyes and the back of your neck from the sun.

Bucket hats are often made from soft and stretchy materials so they’re easy to throw on, and are often a one size fits all that works for all men. As they also cover up more of the face than other hat styles, if you’re a man who is conscious of having a round or long face, as we know many men are when it comes to wearing a hat, the bucket style is actually very flattering.

As you’re unlikely to be wearing a baker boy hat, flat cap or beanie on holiday, they’re your four key hat styles to choose from in the hot weather and hopefully you’re now as convinced as we are that there’s a hat to suit every man and with the selection at Slater Menswear, one to suit every budget too!


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